My Remy is finally ready to step in to the light. She was a big inspiration and challenge to my skills. The goal for this project was to reach the quality of the modern video games. Remy have helped me not only to polish my skills in character development pipeline, but also open new horizons in look development and compositing.

New Skills and Achievements:

Low poly high quality rigged character
V-Ray Multipass Rendering
NUKE Multipass Compositing

Andrej klimov remyhd003lowres

Andrej Klimov Remy Beauty Shot

Remy Compositing Practice

Andrej klimov remyfrommarmo002

Andrej Klimov Remy

Andrej klimov remyfrommarmowf001

Andrej Klimov Remy

Andrej klimov sculptdemocomposition

Andrej Klimov Remy sculpt

Andrej Klimov Remy 3D view